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BENEFITSWe’ll ensure you always get the best laboratory set up from us !

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IMBIOSOL is a registered company which excels in laboratory implementation and digital health services. We have the finest lab equipment from International Manufacturers with easy & quick installations. Equipment implementation, planning, execution, real time support, virtual consultations, installation packages with inventory

Imbiosol has presence in the following countries:

  • Imbiosol oü ~ Estonia.
  • Imbiosol Lab LLP~ India
  • United States Coming Soon.

SERVICESTypes of Laboratory Set-Up

Biomedical Labs
Routine and stat testing, special biochemical tests, metabolic tests, drug-level monitoring.
Microbiological Labs
Set up a state- of the Art bacteriological, mycological & parasitological analytical labs
Covid-19 Testing Labs
Equipment implementation, planning, real time support, virtual consultations.
Pathological Labs
Stat and routine testing, special biochemical test, metabolic analytic set ups
Regenerative Cell Labs
Set up a lab from PRP treatments to full fledged Cryo Banks.
Infectious Disease Labs
Protocols and trainings complaint with WHO standards and parameters.

OUR EXCELLENCEDiverse technologies with global impact

Bring on board win-win excelling strategies to ensure proactive domination using our guided routes from set – up to sales.

SERVICESSolutions to meet Industry Expectations & Standards

Unmatched Professional Expertise
Inventory & Supply Management
Affordable Packages with Installation
International Laboratory Standards
Complete guide through installation
SOP and documentation guidance

ADVANTAGES50 years of accumulative experience with International markets

We work through a stream-lined channel procuring high-end laboratory equipment for research and commercial use
Unmatched Expertise
QC / QA Accredited Standard Labs
Latest Equipment Sourced Internationally
Led by Passionate Experts
Free online/ offline consultations
Software Installations and Guidance

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