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MAY 2020

How Imbiosol came into existence !

The idea for IMBIOSOL was curated when Prajakta Shendge envisioned a different kind of a service sector for laboratories bound together with us until the sales strategies for a particular lab . A company that respected and embraced the technological changes in the research sector occurring at current times

“We’ve come a long way. Our continued digital health innovation drives IMBIOSOL forward and bridges the gap between the customer, their customer based sales and technology”

As we now tie our own history to that of having a new digital platform and evolution of research and healthcare, our journey has just begun

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JUNE 2020

What is Imbiosol ?

IMBIOSOL gives our customers a fairer, smarter and more digital alternative to the research of the past. With services and sales funnels we pioneered a new movement into digital health making it available to all our customers helping them implement it within their existing and new set ups. Imbiosol holds pride and honour in establishing some market-disruptive technology that has known to benefit the human race.

JUNE 2020

Becoming Ltd.

Incorporated under the laws of England & Wales as a Limited company. Hence began our Journey

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JULY 2020

What we’ve been upto ?

IMBIOSOL was co-founded by industry-leading scientist Prajakta Shendge and international business entrepreneur Vijay R who recognised how technology could transform the way people manage their health. “MYIMUNO” the world’s first Immunity monitoring and scoring app was established by the dedicated team at IMBIOSOL

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Test, research, develop, and improve products to make them better, safer, and more accessible.

High-End Technology

Aim for a SMART Lab

Effective Laboratory Solutions

Avail our Standard Frame Works

Robust Laboratory Services

Bring Latest Technology

Lab Inventory Management

Single Platform access to Lab Requirements

From your initial phone call or inquiry placed through our website, you will notice the Imbiosol difference. We offer direct access to industry-leading lab equipments that are used to working with leading manufacturer of the industries that we serve. Our processes will be tailored to best fit your needs, and we will assist you by answering your questions and helping to define your goals.


We are proud to have extended presence in these following countries;

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Estonia
  • U.S
  • Singapore – Coming Soon