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HEMATOLOGYClinical Pathology Labs

Our Laboratories utilizes the latest technologies to provide the most accurate results.

We Set-up Laboratories which perform a wide variety of basic and advanced hematology testing on whole blood, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluids and other body fluids.

Our unique and most demanded labs across the UK are known for it’s good pathology laboratory which can be executed with the right support by our team of expert. From planning, sketching the laboratory infrastructure which include spaces such as processing ,examination, storage and waste disposal are ideally missed while implementing labs which is picked up & highlighted by our experts during trainings. The most important aspect to any pathology laboratory is having a fully equipped reagents and consumables inventory, which is something we specialise in as your trusted inventory management company. Without the technical requirements, no pathology lab is completed and we pride in providing and setting up these primarily with each lab set up.


IMMUNOLOGYInfectious Disease & Virology Laboratories

Imbiosol provides with latest technology equipments to performs tests that aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune, infectious and allergic diseases.

The laboratories supports testing facilities like nephelometry, ELISA assays, indirect immunofluorescence, FEIA.

Most laboratories request for technologies around nucleic acid developments for viral diagnosis which are demanded by bigger research firms . These are cautiously executed and structured for effective viral diagnosis and constructive research can be carried out at ease.

Types of Testing & Research Facilities,

  • Novel COVID-19 Antibody Testing Laboratories
  • Regenerative Medical Laboratories (SVF/PRP)
  • Bio Medial Research Laboratories
  • Drug Based Clinical Research Laboratories

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